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Garden statues portraying children at play bring a sense of fun to the garden. What would a garden be without the laughter of children or their intense interest in all things great and small? The wonderment and innocence of a child is completely at home in the garden setting.

Children statues are my favourite additions to the garden. They bring with them a kind of nostalgia of days gone by where simplicity and happiness ruled.

Krupps has an exhaustive range of children garden statues and is the ideal place to start your collection! They also carry a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee which is important in any web purchase. Be on the look out for their specials which they have on a regular basis!

Stone or resin children garden statues

Children on Bench Garden Statue

This gorgeous statue is made of resin for indoor/outdoor use. A real asset in any garden setting

Children reading Garden Statue

This polyresin boy and girl garden statue is a great addition to any garden setting, with great hand painted detail.

Children boy garden statue

Who's coming for a ride?  Charming polyresin children statue.

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Bronze Children Garden Statues

Bronze statues tend to be pricier than the resin variety but it sure packs a punch when you have it in a garden setting!

Children in Tree Bronze Sculpture

Bronze statue of children playing on a tree.

Children leapfrog Bronze Sculpture

Bronze statue of children playing leapfrog.

Children Walking Dog Bronze Statue

How's this for impact? Bronze statue of children walking the dog.

For more bronze garden statues of children, visit Krupps - click here.

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children garden statues