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Garden arbors bring to mind quaint English cottages with wildflowers blooming in a higgledy piggledy romantic sort of way.  Arbors invite you to stroll along a path and often act as doorways to a secret part of the garden where the fairies dwell. As structures in the garden, garden arbors would rank as one of my favorites.  Draped with your favorite climbing rose or other fragrant climber like the gloriously giddy stephanotis, garden arbors are the doors in your outdoor rooms.  There are various styles that you can choose from.

Wooden Garden Arbors

Wooden garden arbors are stately and blend well with most garden decor.  You can choose to leave it as is and let it weather to a faded gray or opt to paint it in the color of your choice.  White is a classic choice and it goes remarkably well as a backdrop for climbing roses.  Some have opted to go a delicate pink or startling blue to enhance make the garden arbor stand out more in the garden setting.

Lovely wooden garden arbor that comes in weather resistant Red Cedar or coated in acrylic paint - there's an optional gate that comes with this charming addition to the garden.

Combining a soft curved header with the traditional angularity of the gable.  A fine architectural look at a very modest price. Large Gable header supports heavy vines and foliage. Fixed-width 47-inch clear opening to accommodate wide paths.

The Victoria garden arbor's smoothly jointed arches mount directly to edge-molded ledger boards. Airy lattice side panels lend a true custom look. Victoria is designed for smaller spaces, with a fixed-width 36.5-inch clear opening.

Vinyl Garden Arbors

Vinyl garden arbors are a great low maintenance alternative to wooden ones.  They never need painting, sealing or sealing to maintain their good looks.  Whilst some would argue that they don't look 'real', with the ones that are available nowadays, they aren't half bad.  They weigh less than wooden garden arbors and if you are after that classic white, then it's something you should consider.  They come in a wide range of styles for all gardens.

The camelot arbor is constructed from maintenance free vinyl and comes with the 2 large planters to put your climbers in - handy if you are planning to put this on concrete.

This Royal Sturbridge Arbor is for those seeking to make a grand entrance for the most discriminating home owner.

Perfect for that secluded spot, this Manchester Deluxe garden arbor puts new meaning into the word leisure-time.

For more vinyl garden arbors, click here to visit Yardiac.  They offer a big range in garden arbors and also have a low price guarantee on their stock.  Some of their items also have the added advantage of having FREE SHIPPING.

Metal Garden Arbors

Last but not least, you have the metal garden arbors.  Ornate and regal, these garden arbors are less substantial compared to the wooden and vinyl alternatives.  They are there to show off the climbers in their best light by drawing less attention to the arbor structure itself.

Esteem metal garden arbor with gate.  You can opt to buy the arbor as is or purchase matching fence panels to get the coordinated look.

Crescent metal garden arbor comes in antique white or green reminiscent of the romantic Victorian era.

Available in green or white, this metal garden arbor comes with heavy duty stakes to ensure that it doesn't blow over!

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Garden arbors