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Lions have traditionally been thought of as symbols of power and strength. In China, most temples have a pair of garden lion statues guarding the entrance of temple gates to ward off evil.

Krupps has the best range of garden lion statues available. If you want a pair of them guarding the entrance to your home, then it is definitely the place to get them

Garden Lion Statues under $500

Alabaster Lion Statue. Tell your visitors you mean business!

Laying Lion

Fancy a lion that is less intimidating?  Then this pair of lying down lion statues is the one for you.

This garden lion statue watches over your hearth!  Lovely detail.

Lion Garden Statues over $500

Lion Set

Bonded marble pair of lion garden statues.  Stately and majestic.

This pair of bronze stalking lion statues is unique and certainly stands out from the norm.

Sitting pair of bronze lion statues to guard the entrance to your house or garden. Roar!

For more garden lion statues, visit Krupps - click here

Lion and other Big Cat Garden Statues from Accents in the Garden

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