Gargoyle statues

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With Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings reminding us of the magic of our imaginations, gargoyles with all their Gothic references would probably not be seen as out of place now. In fact, gargoyle statues can be seen on many church buildings they were thought to ward off evil spirits with their scary countenances.

Gargoyle statues from Krupps

gargoyle statue 1

This chained gargoyle would certainly put me off if I were an evil spirit!

gargoyle statue 2

The finishes on each Gargoyle and every piece of this cast stone statuary are done by hand.

Gargoyle statue gruesome

Gruesome and scary as with most gargoyles.

gargoyle fountain pond statue

Gargoyle statue to place in your pond - plumbed for spouting water.

Gargoyle on globe statue

Perch this gargoyle statue in your pond and scare away the birds!

Large Gargoyle on globe

Large gargoyle statue ready to swoop on unsuspecting intruder

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Gargoyle statues from Accents In The Garden

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gargoyle statues