Lawn Mower Troubleshooting

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We've all been there - having that niggling problem with the lawn mower and wondering what the problem is.  Here's a run down on the common problems that you'd encounter with lawn mowers - troubleshooting to make finding a solution quicker and easier for you.  Most lawn mower manuals will have a trouble shooting section but in case you've misplaced it and just can't find it anyway, this section is just for you.  Whilst you're here, it may be a good idea to see if you can find a replacement manual (you will need it to get around the mechanics of your lawn mower).

My lawn mower won't start or has trouble starting

The possible reasons include :

  • the obvious - you've run out of fuel.
  • you've tried to start the mower on a wrong throttle setting
  • you've flooded the engine (we've all been there) - turn the fuel off, then operate the starter till the engine starts, then turn the fuel back on.
  • there's water in the fuel tank - you will need to drain the fuel tank and refuel.
  • you've neglected to change the fuel from last season and the fuel's gone stale.  You need to drain and refuel again.
  • your spark plug is dirty - try cleaning it, if that doesn't work, you will need to replace it.

My lawn mower is doing the cha-cha (vibrating excessively)

Possible reasons :

  • your a href="lawn-mower-blades.php">lawn mower blades are bent - you need to replace them.
  • your lawn mower blades are out of balance - re-tighten the nuts and if it persists, you may need to renew them.
  • check that there isn't excessive build up of grass and dirt on the blade disc surface - if there is, then you will need to clean it.

My lawn mower is not running like it should and seems to be losing power

Possible reasons :

  • you've got a dirty spark plug - either clean or replace it
  • you've left the height adjustment too low relative to the height of the grass you are cutting.
  • your engine muffler is choked with carbon - needs to be cleaned out.
  • your air cartridge is filthy - clean it or replace it.
  • there's dirt and grass that's caked up under your mower and restricting the blades from rotating - clean it out.
  • last but most serious one is that your lawn mower engine is just plain worn out - you will need to get a total overhaul.

I'm getting a poor cut from my lawn mower

Possible reasons :

  • Check that your blade disc isn't loose - it can work itself loose so see if tightening the nuts improve the cutting performance.
  • the most obvious reason is that your lawn mower blades are chipped, bent or just worn out - check to see if they are just blunt, if that's all that it is, they will just need sharpening.  Otherwise replacing the lawn mower blades is the way to go.

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Lawn mower troubleshooting