Outdoor Wall Fountains

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Water in the garden adds a beautiful touch of tranquility. The sound of the trickle of running water just has a calming effect to the soul and takes us far away from the madding crowds�Nowadays with the hustle and bustle of everyday living and the small courtyard or small backyard is more common. Just because your backyard is small doesn�t mean you have to do without the soothing sounds of water in the garden. Outdoor wall fountains are now very tastefully designed and many come in lightweight resin which has the added advantage of easily being attached to an existing wooden fence without added hardware being necessary. These are a selection of my favorite outdoor wall fountains.

Krupps also has outdoor wall fountains in their collection of gardening accessories. I like their collection of traditional outdoor wall fountains. To see their full collection, click here. I have picked these 3 to showcase because of their style and detail.

Playful cherubs frolicking in the garden. Innocence and beauty plus the added sounds of water singing in the background. Delightful.

This lovely outdoor wall fountain comes in comes as a 2 piece. Intricate details which would blend easily into any garden setting and is a conversation starter for sure!

With this 2 tier beauty you get a double dose of the sounds of water. Lovely aged look which would suit a more traditional garden.

Outdoor Wall Fountains from SimplyFountains

Fancy something with more oomph? Then check out large outdoor garden water fountains.

Outdoor wall fountains