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The Champlain Rose has beautiful dark velvet red blooms. Orange hips are formed in Autumn. This plant has shown resistance to disease and insects.

The Cuthbert Grant rose boasts fragrant clusters of 3 to 6 dark red velvet double blossoms. The folliage is glossy green and the plant is resistant to disease.
Cuthbert Grant

The Pink Knock Out, Rosa 'Radcon' (PP15,070) rose is another high profile floribunda Knock Out Rose for the landscape with brilliant pink blooms from spring to fall. A great addition to any sunny garden or in containers with trailing perennials. Thrives in humid conditions and is black spot resistant. It is very maintenance free and an excellent low hedge or accent rose.
Pink Knock Out

The Climbing Iceberg rose is a climbing sport of the famous floribunda that is extremely vigorous. The supple canes need support but can be deployed against a painted surface because it can be considered virtually disease free. Given enough space to develop it will produce a shower of bloom turning it into a virtual snow bank. If one tries to confine it, bloom quality is severely reduced and you end up with a substitute for ivy.Our shipping containers require that all plants be cut to the same height with the result that the first year's performance is primarily providing growth to support the following year's bloom, so please be patient. The same hardiness as the original and just as fragrant.
Iceberg Climbing

The Rose Baby Love produces single, sunny yellow flowers all summer long. The abundant blooms are displayed in clusters atop a neat and tidy, self cleaning shrub. The foliage is very healthy with glossy green leaves. This beautiful shrub rose will attain a height of about 3 feet. Plant deeply to encourage better regrowth in spring.
Baby Love

The Rose Betty Prior is a prolific producer of bright pink blossoms in clusters and the flowers have a spicy tea fragrance. Betty Prior is one of the most popular roses in the United States. The graceful, small, upright bush is filled with single pink flowers that often are often displayed above the foliage. Betty Prior is a repeat bloomer throughout the entire growing season.
Betty Prior

The Rose Don Juan, displays full, cupped, dark red blooms that are carried above dark green leaves. The large double blooms of this climber appear throughout the summer and fall. Don Juan is a good choice for placement by walls, pillars, and trellis'. The blooms have an intense fragrance. This plant should be placed in full sun and will attain a mature height of 12 to 14 feet.
Don Juan

The Rose Easy Going produces golden yellow flowers on a bushy plant. The Easy Going Rose is a repeat bloomer which means it blooms in spring, summer and fall. The yellow blloms are large and tend to appear in clusters. Easy Going has a fruity fragrance and the the yellow blooms really standout from the bright green foliage. A mature Easy Going Rose will be about 3 to 4 feet tall and have a nicely rounded habit.
Easy Going

The Rose Fire Meidiland is a mounding groundcover with striking fire engine red blooms that appear in clusters. This low growing plant is a great choice for a colorful ground cover and is very low maintenance. The dainty tough foliage is extremely desease tolerant. They will bloom from April through frost. Use this ground hugging beauty for massing or erosion control. The Fire Meidiland is also ideal for borders, window boxes, and ledges.
Fire Meidiland

The Rose Fourth of July produces an eye-popping array of large clusters of ruffled blooms that are striped red and white with gold stamens. This very fragrant climber produces long lasting blooms that blooms and reblooms in the very first season. This rose is hardy and has very good vigor. The flashy green foliage provides a great backgound for the colorful blooms. The climbing canes will reach 12 to 14 feet at matuity.
Fourth of July

The Rose Golden Showers produces sunny yellow, ruffled blooms that smell of licorice and they bloom from spring until frost. The yellow flowers are semi-doubles and can be as large as 5 1/2 inches across. The blooms will age to a creamy white. This climbing rose will attain heights of 8 to 10 feet at matuity. The flowers bloom from May until frost and are set against the backgound of dark green, glossy foliage. Use this attractive free-blooming plant for walls, arbors or other structures.
Golden Showers

The Rose Joseph's Coat produce clustered buds that open to flowers that change from golden yellow to orange and crimson. The loosely formed double flowers are borne in clusters on an upright plant with glossy leaves. Joseph's Coat can be grown as a small climber and they are great for hedges. This easy to care for rose is also a rebloomer.
Josephs Coat

The Rose Livin' Easy produces waves of fragrant, double, apricot, orange and yellow blossoms with a hint of pink. The Livin' Easy rose is easy to care for, is very hardy, and disease resistant. The foliage is a very glossy green that looks great even without its beautiful flowers. The showy flowers will light up a landscape and it blends beautifully with other colors. This rose is very consistant in all climates and is great in the landscape or in mass plantings.
Livin Easy

The Rose Pillow Fight produces small white blooms with a honey fragrance. The Pillow Fight shrub rose just expoldes into bloom with the white flowers making a startling look against the very deep, glossy, green foliage. Pillow Fight will bloom all season long. The growth is low and bushy with an average height of about 3 to 4 feet.
Pillow Fight

The Rose Purezza produces generous amounts of large white flowers. Purezza are mainly noted for their ability to rebloom. These thornless climbers can grow to 15 to 20 feet in size. Another unique feature is their buds which look like pearls. They can be trained to climb, trained on a pillar, or trained as a rambler. Purezza also displays good disease resistance to blackspot, mildew, and rust. This rose blooms on old wood so prune after flowering.

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Rose Bushes

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